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Defender One® Fuel Dispenser Security


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Retrofit Alarm Kits For New + Existing Fuel Dispensers

Protect your station against fuel theft with in-dispenser security and built in siren.

Pump Protection

According to a State of Florida Report, 85% of skimmers are found in gas pumps with new locks or security labels. Don’t let your brand get tarnished by compromised fuel dispensers. Build trust and grow customer loyalty by taking the necessary precautions to prevent fraud with Defender One® products.

US Patented 

The Defender One®’s unique patented process can stop a transaction in progress and deactivate a breached dispenser. The Defender One® reduces your risk by disabling a compromised fuel dispenser.

Access Control and Monitoring

Designed to meet the critical safety requirements of a retail fuel station. Underwriters Laboratory certification for use in a Class 1, DIVISION 1, GROUP D hazardous environment. Battery back-up provides protection during power outages.

Customizable Security 

The Defender One® allows you to customize security to fit your operations and has the capability to interface with existing alarm panels.