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Why Remanufactured?


RDM has been in the electronic equipment business for 35 years, and is the most respected rebuilder in the petroleum equipment industry.

Exceptional Quality

Our intensive product testing, trouble-shooting, and production techniques have been perfected by over 35 years in the electronics remanufacturing business so that our remanufactured electronics exceed the quality standards of many OEM’s.

Maximize Your Profit Margin

Remanufactured equipment carries a higher value for your dollar than expensive new parts from the manufacturer. This gives you the power to expand your profit margins and boost your earnings - without sacrificing quality.

Rapid Order Delivery

Our huge inventory of finished goods allows us to ship most orders the same day they are placed. You can receive your parts in days instead of weeks. When you send us your parts for repair, you can be sure that our first priority is returning those parts to you. RDM’s rapid order delivery means less downtime for your customers – which improves your customers’ satisfaction

Minimize Operating Costs

Installing remanufactured products from RDM means less warranty work for you, fewer customer complaints, and fewer repeat service calls.

Make the Best Decisions

Doing business with RDM is the smartest choice you'll ever make. Give us a call today and start to maximize your earnings!